People’s lifestyle defines the quality of their living. Leading an unhealthy life degrades your mental health.

Why do you need to check on your mental health? The answer Is because of your brain the CPU of your body. Back to the basics about which you might have misconceptions. Some people have a careless attitude towards their overall health, which is not at all good for the long-term. At a certain age, your mind along with the body starts to send a fewer signal which controls other internal actions. Body degradation its normal but measures which should be followed could enhance the quality of your mind and thoughts. Even for accomplishing a simple task you need to think and act. Without any effort, even a rock doesn’t get displaced.

The Brain is the only organ of your body which instructs other parts of the body to perform any action. smartphones are unlocking the whole world and enabling us to do things we never dreamed of imaginably. You are now able to watch the whole world on your screen. Ever thought of apps which could help you improve your mental health? If, no then it is time to start acting and explore those apps for keeping a check on your mental health. At times, when you feel low, these apps help to keep a track of that thing. Many of these apps can serve as a diary to figure out what triggers your bad moods and can connect you with an online therapist immediately. There is no need to schedule an appointment and pay hundreds of dollars for help, it can be done right on your phone immediately.

What makes these apps extraordinary?

  • Ease of access: these apps are available for free on many platforms. You could easily download and install the application. The developers of the apps also provide a tour guide which makes exploring easier. These apps are verified and carry no risks.
  • Multiple features: Easy access and interesting features allow you to learn the basics fast. Different features such as reminder, alerts on updates are available.

Let’s take a quick tour of the seven apps helping you keep a check on your mental health:

•Daylio app:

This app allows you to keep track of your monthly emotional behavior. The ups and downs are recorded. For that, you need to make an entry about your daily mood and emotions. It reminds you to follow the daily emotional behavior of yours and make changes accordingly. Your day at work or at home, each and every detail about your emotional behavior is recorded into storage.

•Insight Timer:

This app is a platform for people across the globe sharing their meditation experience. This app asks you about your profession and overall experience to share with other users. People from the different parts of the world could be an amateur or a pro. If you’re a beginner you could start by following those who are pro. They also share the tutorial for proper guidance.

•Happy, not perfect:

This app has built-in exercises. There are about two hundred different exercises to work on your mental health and so on. You could also share your experiences with your friends and ask them to connect with you on the app.


This app is another blessing from smart developers: by using this app you’re in a position of meeting a certified therapist online. The therapist understands what you are going through and starts the session. If you are a person busy with work all the time, this app is the best option to get started with. Mental health checkup is not at all similar to a normal body checkup. It takes years of experience to understand the emotional behavior of a person. These certified therapists have an everlasting hold on these situations. You could easily make a payment for subscribing to a weekly or a monthly session with the therapist.

•What’s up:

This app lets you understand cognitive behavioral therapy and also acceptance commitment therapy easily. Both CBT and ACT help you minimizing anxiety and symptoms of stress and depression.

•The Pacifica:

This app lets you manage anxiety and stress to a greater extent. This app also suggests the nearby certified therapists available. You could either follow the guidelines provided in the app or failure in managing stress and anxiety. Make an appointment with a therapist.

•Koko app:

Actually, the journey of this app is very interesting as it was a social media network developed by an MIT researcher. Soon, it became popular and been converted into an application. Here you find a bunch of people or even a whole community where all of them exchange their thoughts with each other. On this platform people from a therapist to an ordinary person are signed up. By presenting your problems in front of a whole community help finding a solution is almost guaranteed. Also according to a study, it was determined that around half of the users reported lower stress level and also a reduction in stress levels. The app is like a session where people suffering from the same problem helps each other and support each other overcoming the symptoms.

Keep Your Mental Health in Check

Now when it’s clear that various apps for improving your mental health really works, start using them. These apps are helpful for keeping a check on your mental health in every possible way. You could also suggest your family members or friends if they are facing the same situation as you do. You can also start going natural and start with organic supplements like CBD to improve your overall health. Undoubtedly, these apps work best on keeping a check on your mental health but supplements like CBD oil work on your brain and body to make you stress-free and calmer. Such supplements can be added to your daily diet without having to worry about any high or side effects.



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