Yoga is a form of physical exercise practised by people of all ages. Yoga has various benefits and helps us in maintaining a proper body structure. Yoga can be used to treat various kinds of ailments, especially those related to body aches. Even a few minutes of yoga can work wonders on your health. Yoga can be especially beneficial for women in helping to promote mindfulness and flexibility–physically and mentally.

How is women empowerment related to yoga?

Women empowerment is nothing but the realization that women can be as powerful as men. We, women, have to realize what we are capable of doing. We should look into our own selves and ask ourselves what are our limitations and how to go beyond them. This is what women empowerment is all about. Yoga helps you to relax your mind and bring about a sense of realization.

Women empowerment encourages women to set up goals for themselves and aspire to achieve those goals. Women should be independent and self-sufficient and yoga helps in empowering women by allowing them to understand themselves. It is very important for us, women, to understand ourselves because no one knows us better than we do. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses will allow us to be powerful and that is what women empowerment is all about.

Here are a few yoga postures which help women understand their own self:

The mountain pose:

Also known as the parvatasana, in this asana, you will have to sit on the floor with your back and chest straight and your arms stretched by your side. After that, you will have to inhale deeply and while doing so, you will have to lift up your hands and clasp your palms together on top of your head. Remain in this position for around 10 seconds and then get back to your original position while exhaling deeply. This can be practised for 5 to 10 times consecutively.

This pose allows you to invite your own mind and get into your thoughts. It helps you to realize your wants and desires and also provides clarity of mind. If you practice this pose on a daily basis, you will see that you are more confident about yourself and you are bolder in your decisions.

The warrior pose:

In this asana, you will have to stand with your feet stretched at 90° to one another. You will have to keep your back absolutely straight and your arms should be above your head clasped together. You will have to retain this pose for 6 seconds while inhaling deeply. After that, you can get back to the relaxed position. This pose teaches you to be as brave as a warrior and always keep your head held high. Never bend before fear and dishonesty. Stand up for yourself and learn to fight for your own rights.

The plough pose:

In halasana or the plough pose, you will have to put your entire body weight on your back and put your arms behind your head while lying on the floor. This asana helps you in stretching your entire body and gives you a full body exercise. This is also used for the widening of your thinking abilities and giving better performance at work.

Chakrasana or the wheel pose:

Here you will have to lie straight on the floor and then gradually you will have to lift yourself up while your arms and feet are still pressed against the ground. This pose helps you to open your mind to new ideas. It also teaches you to have faith in yourself and to believe in yourself. It ensures that you take up new risks and brave moves in life and makes your life better.

Some other benefits of yoga for women:

Yoga has various other benefits on women as well.  There are different kinds of yoga for different purposes:

Yoga is especially useful during pregnancy. It helps a woman to be fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy without putting stress on the baby. It can also be helpful to reduce labour pain and proper delivery. Pregnant women are always recommended that they should spend at least 15 minutes doing yoga and other light exercises. They should always do it religiously because it will be good for their health and their pregnancy will be a pleasant one.

Yoga helps younger women maintain a proper menstruation cycle. Menstruation will occur once every 28 days and during that time, women have to face a lot of pain and physical stress. It has been proven that if you practice yoga regularly, you will suffer from less pain. Also, yoga will keep your body relaxed and your mind fresh and help you to cope up with period pain.

After a certain age, women tend to suffer from calcium deficiency. As a result, their bones become weak and they suffer from different types of bone and joint pain. Regular exercise can help you to get rid of such pain and keep you fit and healthy.

You can also add CBD to your yoga routine as CBD is an organic cannabinoid and can help in giving you the right frame of mind. CBD and yoga can be an incredible combination. It can help you get the right mindset to practice and meditate. CBD can also help you heal sore muscles that you can get from too many pushups.

Final thoughts on yoga for women

Yoga can be practised by women of all ages. Not only does it gives you a feeling of self-realization and happiness but it also keeps you healthy from inside and we all know that being healthy is not just about our physical health. It is a combination of both physical as well as mental health and if you are happy from inside it will always be reflected outside in your nature, your work, and your day to day life activities.



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